Outback Storefront School

Mr. Joe Vallee    Ms. Brenda Grant

The Outback is an offsite Storefront school available to youth 14 to 18 who have been out of school for a year or more. Exceptions to this can be reviewed on an individual basis. Our purpose is to assist youth in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to build a healthy community. the school offers learner-centred individualized programs which consist of academic and elective courses to the grade 12 level. Life skills, Food- 4- thought and a Lunch Program are further components to the program.

Application forms are availabe at The Outback located behind the Redcoach inn at the Martin Exeter Hall, or at PSO. A selection committee reviews each application then notifies the applicant. For more information, please contact Mr. Joe Vallee @ 250-395-4838.