The Resource Room at Peter Skene Ogden Sec. School
offers assistance to students who have been identified as
having special needs.
Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.) are developed for
students, in consultation with parents, students and the
School Based Team. Goals and learning outcomes are
established, taking into account the child's special needs,
strengths and weaknesses.
Integration of special needs students is encouraged, to
allow them to participate and interact fully with their age
and grade peer group, and to develop friendships.
Modified Program versus Regular Program( with
Modified/ Life Skills Program: has learning outcomes
substantially different from prescribed curriculum, and
specifically selected to meet the student's needs. Students
who remain in this program will graduate with a School
Leaving Certificate.
Regular Program (with adaptations): retains the learning
outcomes of the prescribed regular curriculum. Adaptations
can occur in any class but in academic subjects students
are grouped with a teacher experienced in working with
students with adapatation requiremnents and the entire
class covers the curriculum in an adapted fashion. Students
who stay in this program throughout grade 11 and grade
12 will graduate with a Dogwood Certificate.