The IDEA program offers course completion through
computer-assisted instruction and/or teacher resources
providing a student-directed style of learning instead of a
regular teacher-centred classroom.
To be considered eligible, a student must be an able
learner, capable of handling the regular core curriculum,
of good reading and reasoning ability, and void of any
serious school discipline history. Most importantly, the
student must be self-motivated and capable of working
independently towards goals.
Most of the graduation requirements can be completed
through IDEA
Available courses:
English 11, English 12
Social Studies 11
Communications 11, Communications 12
Consumer Ed 12
Family Studies 12
Psychology 11
Earth Science 11
Economics 12
Accounting 11/12
Other courses by pre-arrangement.

Application forms are available in the counselling office
. A selection committee
reviews each application then notifies the applicant.

Note: Students are expected to maintain an appropriate
pace and to complete IDEA courses within the
semester schedule structure.