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ACE-IT (Now called Youth in Training) Students Accepted

Congratulations to Cameron Caldwell (welding), Levi Bedford (Electrical), Ryan Boyce (Welding), and Cooper Uphill (Welding) who will continue their schooling next semester at TRU in Williams Lake.

Work Experience 12 Students Recognized

Currently Michael Momro, Levi Townsend, Nick Rottluff, Ryan Boyce, and David Webber are currently completing a four credit course in Work Experience 12.  If you are working or volunteering at a job that is aligned with your career goals, and are putting in a minimum of 120 hours, then you can apply for Work Experience credits.

Junior Initial Attack Fire Crew

We currently have two students interested in becoming a Junior Firefighter.  Daniel Loeffeler and Brandon Balbirnie have expressed interest in applying for this program.  If they are successful, they will start their training in the new year with the hope of being hired on as a firefighter in the summer.

Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit was a huge success!  The program which is sponsored by Work BC came to our school on Thursday, November 24.  Over 500 students from the PSO as well as the various elementary schools and members of the community participated in the program.  The program consists of a variety of interactive displays which highlight some of the high demand jobs in BC.  Participants had a chance to try some virtual welding, drive a virtual truck, take blood pressure, try various computer programming tasks, build electrical circuits, solve puzzles, decipher blueprints, and observe a 3-D printer in action as well as research a variety of careers.

Grad Transition Plans

A reminder that Step 2 of the Grad Transition Plan is due on Friday, November 25.  Please see Mr. Summers or Ms. Wood in the Careers Centre if you have any questions.

Career Exploration Tools

All Grade 10-12 students and their parents in School District #27 have access to a program called My Blueprint.  This is a comprehensive data base that will allow students to do self-assessments, align the results of the surveys to careers that they may be best matched up with, plan what high school courses they want to take, explore post-secondary opportunities, explore and compare various careers, build resumes, cover letters, budgets, see real-time jobs that are available, and much more.  Students can build, save, and reflect on various portfolios depending on what their goals are.  They can also earn points and win prizes!

To access My Blueprint, go to and create a student or parent account.  The activation key is peterskene.  If you have any questions or would like more information, email Brad Summers at

Another excellent website is which is a free career exploration tool.  It is a depository of various short videos profiling careers and some tools to help you choose which careers might be best suited for you.  For those students interested in a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), they may want to try .  In addition, to videos on careers, it shows what opportunities are available to get some experience in a chosen field, including scholarships, internships, and competitions. 

If you have any questions or would like some help in what career opportunities are available for you during your high school years and after high school, come into the Careers Centre and have a chat with either Mr. Summers or Heather Wood.








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