PSO students are alphabetically assigned to a specific counsellor by the first letter of their surname but are free to change counsellors if they wish. The counsellors are:

Mr. I. Watson ext. 234 (M – Z)
Mrs. C Langton ext. 235 (A - L)
Mrs. A. Peters-Oddy ext. 233 (First Nations)

Roles and Responsibilities of School Counsellors

•  Academic programming for all students
•  Transition from junior high
•  Problem-solving and planning for students
•  Personal counselling for social and emotional issues
•  Post-secondary and scholarship planning
•  Academic advising
•  Career Exploration

Making Counselling Appointments

Counsellors are available for counselling appointments from 8:30 until 3:30 on most school days. Appointments can be made by phoning in advance or by just dropping in.

Referrals to Outside Agencies

Occasionally, students will require support for personal issues that go beyond the scope of a school counselling role. PSO school counsellors will be happy to assist students and their families in making referrals to outside agencies. Please do not hesitate to ask for information about counselling support outside of school.

Course Changes

In addition to regular counselling duties, counsellors also assist students with course selection and course changes. Course selections are done in the early spring (usually in a group format) although individual one-on-one sessions are also available. Once timetables are complete and the new semester begins, students may change courses only with parental/guardian permission during the first ten days of the semester.