Course Goals

English Department Yearly Goals:

All Grades: complete Student Reading Assessments at the beginning of each semester and at the end of each semester

  • particular focus of instruction on inferencing
  • some focus also on summarization 

Grade 8:

  • re-enforcing parts of speech
  • sentence variety
  • paragraph writing
  • deepening understanding of story elements
  • introduce how to imbed quotes

Grade 9:

  • maintenance and improvement of all of the above
  • subject-verb agreement
  • introduce essay writing
  • focus on hooks, thesis statement, transitions
  • inferencing skills

Grade 10: 

  • maintenance and improvement of all of the above
  • making connections beyond the text
  • audience recognition
  • introduce allusions
  • include simple figures of speech (ex. metaphors, similes) in much of their writing
  • establish tone
  • Particularly more formal writing
    •  Not using "I". diction - using more sophisticated language)

Grade 11:

  • maintenance and improvement of all of the above
  • parallelism
  • different types of writing (i.e. persuasive, expository)
  • organization of writing (ex. chronology, cause/effect, most important to least important)
  • diction/word choice (i.e. impressive vocabulary, word colour)
  • increasing awareness of published authors’ uses of the above plus archaic language,  etc.

Grade 12:

  • maintenance and improvement of all of the above
  • introducing dialogue to make a point (Part D of exam)


Special Education Development Plan 2013-2014

 Case Manager Training – September 25th, 2014

  • Development of case manager binder
  • Training – paperwork required
  • Introduction to IEPs
  • Introduction of new IEP format
  • Ongoing support/mentorship by more experienced staff

 Development of process of working with new school psychologist – in process

  • Development of 1701 list + review each semester
  • Development of inquiry process for psycho-ed assessment (done) in collaboration with school counsellors.


  • Writing IEPs
  • Locating resources
  • Conducting IEP meetings

 ARC Training date TBA

  • Training LST’s and TA’s on use of ARC resources (digital formats for use with Kurzweil)

         Develop Repository of ARC Resources on T Common – over course of year

  • English list of resources
  • Science, Math and Socials textbooks/resources to be processed as lists are provided

 Kurzweil Training – date TBA – pro D Date

  • Train TA’s and LS teachers on use of Kurzweil
  • Offer training to other teachers as PRO D event

 Dragon Naturally Training – date TBA

  • Train TA’s and LS teachers on use of Dragon Naturally
  • Offer training to other teachers as PSO D event

 iPad Project  (not yet confirmed)

  • In conjunction with SET-BC

 Food Safe

  • Alternate, Storefront and Life Skills
  • Open to other students in the school as spaces permit

 Intake from Grade 7

  • Develop a process for transitioning students from grade 7 with a learning support perspective.

 Special Education Binders

  • Review and continue to refine Special Education binders for staff use.



 Fine Arts

 To develop students’ creativity in Art, Drama and Music while teaching them problem solving, teamwork, attention to detail, and a love and appreciation of the arts. Our goal is to have students who are involved in performing and creating for the rest of their lives.



Department of Modern Languages Development Plan


Members:  David Henderson (French/French Immersion), Donna Forward (French/French Immersion), Angela Peters-Oddy (Shuswap), Claudia Morgenthaler (German)


  • The Department will focus on peer collaboration in the development of curriculum focusing on teaching strategies and project work development.
  • The department will continue to focus on educational development and advanced technology use in instruction.
  • The department will focus on the development of the oral aspect of learning languages. We will be exploring audio resources, online learning labs and determining the feasibility of purchasing these resources.
  • See Department Head Claudia Morgenthaler with regards to any language challenges.