Canim Lake Reserve

 The local First Nations’ students that attend Peter Skene Ogden Senior Secondary are primarily bussed in from the Canim Lake Reserve.  The people of Canim Lake Band, or Tsq’escenemc, as they are known in the native language, Secwepemctsin or Shuswap language, are members of the Shuswap Nation.The Canim Lake Band continues to move forward and has many achievements. The people strive for self-sufficiency through education, economic development, social development, and overall management of its lands and resources. Past achievements include War Veterans of WWI and WWII; 21 graduates of a seven-year Gonzaga University Program in both education and business; a Local Education Agreement with the school district; rebuilding of the Catholic church; implementing an agriculture program to grow local produce; and maintaining the language and culture through the Elders.  There is also a band-operated school, the Eliza Archie Memorial School, for K – 7 students.The Canim Lake Band are a proud people, they are caring and supportive on one another, they are family (extended) oriented, and in most way are like anyone else with hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better future