IDSFN Program Outline     

Independent Directed Studies for First Nations Students (IDSFN) is a program designed to allow students of First Nations ancestry the opportunity to successfully complete their graduation requirements within a self paced program.  The students in the IDSFN class have been given the opportunity to complete their courses in a way that will allow them a greater degree of success.  In many cases the time frame needed for these students to experience success has been greater than the time it would take in a regular classroom.  Attendance has been an issue in a regular classroom setting for many of the students in this class.  In the IDSFN class, these students rarely miss class.  The atmosphere in the class is very positive and the students are made to feel welcome. The students have a wide variety of courses available to them in this class including the following:

 Social Studies 10, Social Studies 11, B.C. First Nations 12, Law 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, English 10, Communications 11, Communications 12, Science 10,Earth Science 11, Essentials of Math 10, Essentials of Math 11, Family Studies 11/12, Consumer Ed 12, and Planning 10. 

These courses allow students the ability to meet their graduation requirements in a more creative and flexible way