Welcome PSO Grads of 2019

May 28-30 - Cap and Gowns will be handed out at PSO- (IMPORTANT- the times pick up include instructions regarding the gowns) pick up times are 12:30 (lunch) in room 209 or after school 3:15 ( these are the only times, as the Teachers who take care of the gowns will be teaching during the rest of the day) If you are unable to make it during these times, please contact the office.

May 30, 2019 @ 1:00pm- Rehearsal forGrad Ceremony at Canlan Arena (South Cariboo Rec. Centre). All students are required to be there for this rehearsal, if you cannot, you will need to contact Mr. Butcher or Mr. Brown.

* Information about arrival times and the ceremony process, will be given at this time. Usual speakers are the coordinators from the Prom committee, P.A.R.T.Y program members, and possibly a member from the RCMP.

May 31 - Grads are expected to arrive around 5:30, and be lined up by 6:00 for the ceremony -

May 31 @ 6:30 pm - Grad Ceremonies will be held  at Canlan Arena (South Cariboo Rec Centre) - the Diploma Ceremonies are open to the public (no tickets needed)

June 1 - PROM - An outline of the day's schedule

Promenade in the park at 2pm. Kids need to be there at 1:00pm

Following that is the group photo, then the parade through town. Aiming for 3:45pm start

The parade ends at the school. Time for visiting in the courtyard, then the Parent/student dance, approx. 4:30ish - After the dance, the kids get their individual prom photos taken, the Parents and family members are asked to leave so Prom festivities can begin.

Dinner for 6:30pm, dance and dry grad follows. Comedian at 9pm, Prize draws begin at 2am, events ends at 3am.


**Graduate Ceremony Fee: $50.00 -This fee covers the costs of the grad gown rental, the cap and tassel, the mini composite picture, the folder for holding mini composite and diploma, flower, picture of acceptance of diploma with an administrator. With the exception of the grad gown, all listed items will be given to the student to keep.


Prom  and Prom date fees  : $70.00


Contacts for everything PROM related;


go to: - contact Natalie Sass or Ganessa Wiens


Also, please ask at the PSO office if you have queries and we will do our best to help out.



* Prom is a Parent and Graduating student lead event


Grad Eligibility

Grad Transition Plan Outline.pdf


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