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A.    Students must possess a minimum 80 credits by the end of June.

B.     Students must be passing all courses as of the Term 3 (first report card of Semester 2), and be successfully completed  half of any distance education, other external or SMARTT/Alternate/Storefront course(s).

C.     Students must be completed all Core Courses by the end of Semester 2. Core subjects are those considered to be mandatory by the Ministry of Education, and they are:                                                                

English 10
English 11, English 11 First Peoples or Communications 11
English 12, English 12 First Peoples, or Communications 12
Social Studies 10 and Social Studies 11/BC First Nations 12
Science 10
a Science 11
Planning 10
Physical Education 10 A & W Math 10 or Foundations & Precalculus Math 10
A & W Math 11,  Foundations Math 11/, or Precalculus Math 11
3 other Grade 12 courses
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