LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP information for the 2020-2021 school year are now OPEN and all applications are due by Mar.12,2021.

Student recipients will be notified as to who has won each scholarship/bursary when they "cross the stage" at the ceremonies.

Local Scholarships eligibility - please read


 Click here -> Scholarship Applications - READ THE  LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS/BURSARIES LIST, BY ALPHA

Local Scholarships and Bursaries are offered to our students by our local community consisting of clubs, personal/family donations (eg. memorials) and organizations.

Questions regarding how to apply to each, please ask at the office for additional help and information.


 Students applying for Local Scholarships, should print off one "Checklist" and one "General Application" and as many "Special applications" as applying for.

General Application -  OR Print and fill option; General Application   (must print one)

A General application requires  a signed cover letter, please staple or clip your cover letter behind the General application along with a "checklist " with ALL scholarships/bursaries that a student is applying to. The recipients for the General applications will be decided by a PSO school committee. (only one application is needed)

A Special application will need a cover letter, for each award you apply for, as the application goes to the family or club making the decision.

 please staple or clip your cover letter behind the Special Application form.


All completed applications are to be turned into the office before the closing date, no exceptions. The Special applications will be sent by the office to the appropriate contact person for each club or family.


 2021 GRADs - CHECK OUT THIS LINK -March Break Scholarships -  for100's of Provincial Scholarships to apply for, MORE choices ! MORE opportunities!  


North American Van Lines 2021 Logistics Scholarship Competition

*External Scholarships - (Provincial/Federal or other) Please ask Mr. Watson or Mrs. Langton for more information or help.