Local Scholarship Eligibility

  • Students must be graduates of Peter Skene Ogden Secondary.
  • Students must meet graduation requirements by June of their grade 12 year.
  • Students must have completed 28 credits of course work in their grade 11 and 12 year at PSO
  • Students must have an average of 70% or better.
  • The average of 70% is calculated based on all of the student's grade 10, 11 and 12 course work up until the January report card.
  • All applicants must utilize the appropriate form to make applications.
  • Students who decide to return to Peter Skene Ogden after graduating to upgrade or do additional courses may apply for scholarships in the year of their graduation or in the year of their upgrading. Students may only apply for scholarships once.
  • Students who have a discipline record that includes "out of school" suspensions may not be eligible for consideration for scholarships organized by Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School.
  • Students with exceptional circumstances that are contradictory to the parameters listed above and who wish to be considered for local scholarships should make their circumstances known to a counsellor.